Patient Responsibility

The Coach-Athlete Relationship

Here at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, we believe in the coach-athlete relationship, in which our medical staff acts as your personal health coaching staff, and you the patient are the athlete competing for Olympic gold. In order for any athlete to succeed, they must adhere to the coaches instruction and put in work and effort for optimal results. In no other realm does this hold more importance than your health. We at the center will provide you with a personalized and tailored plan of action, but this means a patient must comply and take responsibility for following the precise instructions that are necessary to restore your health. Therefore, patient compliance is an essential part of the healing journey.

A Compliant Patient = A Healthy Patient

Patient compliance refers to the willingness and ability of an individual to follow health-related advice, to take medication/supplementation as prescribed, to attend scheduled appointments, and to complete recommended lifestyle and diet adjustments. Poor patient compliance is the leading cause of nonresponse to medicines and therapies, with evidence showing patients who do adhere to all medical recommendations and the complete program of treatment have better health outcomes than those who do not comply. At the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, each program of treatment is very specific to the individual, and designed to maximize patient health outcome. The removal or non-compliance to follow all parts of the treatment will result in a loss of treatment effectiveness, and as we have already stated, the goal is Olympic gold.

“Simply, the coach’s [doctor’s] role is to create an environment and to provide the opportunity for the athlete [patient] to express their motivation in all that they do.”

A patient at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine will benefit most with the motivation and desire to reestablish health, and to take their role as in the healing process as seriously as an athlete competing for Olympic gold.

On Your Role at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine

1What if I can't commit to all the therapies?
Upon your follow up visit where the complete program of treatment will be presented and explained, you will also be informed that if you cannot commit to all the therapies, optimal outcome will not be achieved. Patient commitment and compliance with the complete treatment program is essential to restoring your complete health, and neglecting any part may result in suboptimal results and ongoing health issues.
2Can I pick and choose which treatments I want?
No. We take your treatment and health very seriously at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, and to ensure that we provide you with the best possible outcome, compliance to the complete treatment is required. An explanation of the importance of each treatment, therapy, medicine, supplement, and recommendation will be provided at your follow-up.

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