A New Paradigm...

One that empowers patients and unites medicine...

One that sees every patient as a truly unique being, and treatments are truly personalized based on quantum physics, and not guessing...

One where we can utilize modern advances in science to restore health, prevent disease, and ensure long-term wellbeing...

This is our vision for the future of medicine.

Where We Are...

A Look at Our Current State of Medicine
L ooking back over the past 50 years of medicine, it is apparent that many strides have been made in areas such as infectious disease treatment, critical care, and emergency surgical intervention. And we can go a step further to classify the primary medical threats of the past century as abrupt and acute. Theses threats, life-threatening as they often were, lend themselves well to intervening techniques based on set protocols.

Now, in the 21st century, we are plagued with an ever-increasing new challenge. This is an age not only of abrupt and acute conditions, but also complex and chronic ailments in which each patient exhibits highly unique pathologies and responds differently to the same protocols of treatment. The days of blanket protocols and a trial-and-error approach are remnants of an obsolete modality, and based on Newtonian beliefs formulated over 300 years ago.

It is now clear that pathogens, genes, gene expressions, toxic exposure, environmental aggressors, and even past emotional traumas, are all constituents that make up a patient and determine his or her condition. Yet, until this very point in medical history, despite our understanding and need for a personalized approach, the problem has remained:
How do we make it personal? Which is really to ask, how do we determine what the patient needs?

The conventional mindset would set us down a path of endless laboratory testing to acquire ever mounting patient data. But, for the following reason, this has not lead us any closer to answering our ultimate question, as astutely state by Dr. David Hawkins, MD, Phd:

It isn't that we lack information, we're practically drowning in it. The problem is that we lack the ability to interpret the significance of our data. For that we need the proper tools!

Where We're Going...

A New Paradigm Arises
O ver 100 years ago, quantum physics established that matter as we know it is composed of condensed energy at various vibratory levels. Everything in our world, including living organisms such as ourselves, generates unique energy fields with specific frequencies. Even the thoughts and emotions we experience have specific energetic vibrations. By examining these fields through use of quantum mechanics and bioresonance principles, one can ascertain a huge amount of information. And to understand any patient's entire history and current state of health, we must have the ability to retrieve information pertaining to ALL aspects of his / her health.

When applied to human beings, this new medical approach and understanding allows one to determine sources of pathological dysfunctions, causes of disharmonies, compatibility with specific treatments, and analysis or priority of treatments. This is not something that we have to wait decades to accomplish, this is where we are NOW. Based on this new paradigm of medicine as well as quantum physics and molecular biology developments, precise medical systems enable physicians and the medical community to decode the information necessary to develop truly personalized protocols that aim to restore health. It is like a truthful conversation with the patient's intelligence. The results are therefore very successful in this highly specific, scientific and personalized approach; even in complex conditions.
When we properly decode the subtle information within a patient (all information - not just parts and the biochemical level like other common diagnostic methods do), we access a world of healing possibilities."

How to Get There...

The Steps We're Taking to Promote Change
The extraordinary work being done at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine is just the beginning of a grander vision to transform medicine and healthcare. While the successful treatment of patients in an advanced integrative manner is the main focus of the center, there are other areas of interest that are currently being setup and explored to help serve as a catalyst to real change.

As a sister organization to the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, Innovative Medicine, LLC is a solution-based company pioneering a transformation in the medical field through providing health care professionals with the tools, knowledge, and resources to implement the same personalized and comprehensive care found at NYCIM.

Innovative Medicine has created a five part plan for the future of healthcare. These five pieces, when combined together, will serve as a complete entity fueling serious change to the medical system and allowing for a new paradigm of health to unfold in the most effective manner.

The ultimate goal? To reshape healthcare from a Newtonian-based, profit-driven system for managing disease, to a cutting-edge quantum-based approach for reversing chronic conditions and restoring global health.
1What is 'Innovative Medicine'?
Also being referred to as “the practical application of a unified theory of medicine” and advanced integrative medicine, Innovative Medicine is:

the intelligent and systematic combination of qualitatively effective medicines & therapies administered to patients in a scientifically personalized manner that leads to quantifiably successful results.

Find out more about Innovative Medicine here: www.innovativemedicine.com

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