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This questionnaire was developed to give you a better understanding if you are a good candidate for the unique medical approach taken at NYCIM.

What we’ll be asking you about:

about you


We'd like to know just a little about you and your health habits.

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Question #1

Let's start with any habits and routines your practice on a regular basis.

Please select all that apply to you.

Question #2

On a scale of 1~10 how would you rate your willingness to change?

10extremely willing

Question #3

How often do you buy organic food?

Question #4

How do you feel about personal development?

Question #5

What is prompting you to seek treatment at our center? (i.e. specific issues, referred by someone, general wellness/prevention, etc.)

Our Approach


Do you have a good comprehension of why this type of medicine is different and what the aim of treatment is?

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Question #6

NYCIM is home to a number of proprietary instruments, diagnostic methods and treatments not found elsewhere. For this reason there may be limited information available about some of these processes. You are provided with handouts which fully explain your treatment plan, and the medical staff is here to ensure that your questions are satisfied. However, understanding some of the technologies requires a background and decades of experience and education in their respective fields. Fully versing each patient in all medical modalities is not always possible. Are you OK with this?

Question #7

The personalized and comprehensive nature of treatment programs are carefully tailored. They are therefore designed to be followed precisely from start to finish with no mixing or swapping of elements from outside protocols which may have an adverse effect on your healing process or simply hinder its effectiveness. For this reason, it is extremely important that once you commit to your treatment plan at NYCIM, you see it though with full and complete compliance. Is this something that you are prepared to do?

Question #8

Are you comfortable with the idea of not selecting your own treatments and adhering to a complete treatment program personalized and presented to you after an initial evaluation?

Question #9

Healing is a complex process that takes places over time, especially if you’ve been sick for any significant length of time. Although we are hopeful that you can feel better very soon, you may not feel better immediately after your course of treatment and sometimes may temporarily feel a bit worse. Is this something you are comfortable with during medical treatment?

Question #10

At NYCIM, the medical team, including the Medical Director, Clinical Director, psychologist, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses all work together on every patient's program of treatment. You may, or may not, meet with a doctor during your treatment program. This does not mean each medical team member is not involved and coordinating the best course of action, but that time restraints do not allow certain members to be at your disposal at all times. Are you comfortable having a team handle your medical care, and not an individual doctor?

Question #11

In alignment with our unique treatment approach, our aim is not to manage sick patients, but to restore our patient's ability to heal (and stay healthy). The use and prescription of any medications or procedures that are only aimed at symptom reduction are not a regular part of our practice. Do you acknowledge and accept this approach to treatment?

Question #12

When it comes to medical treatment, effective = efficient. If you've been sick for a long time, it may take multiple phases of treatment to fully restore your self-healing capacity. Quick fixes may seem efficient until they stop working, and then you need to start over. We opt for effectiveness regardless of whether it takes a little longer. Are you willing to do it right and complete multiple phases of treatment?

Your Commitment


Regaining health requires dedication and work on your end. Are you prepared to take this on?

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While treatments are administered here at NYCIM, the bulk of your healing takes place outside the medical office. For each of the following lifestyle categoires, please select one of the following to indicate your level willingness and ability to maintain positive efforts :

Question #13

How capable are you of following detailed dietary guidlines?

Question #14

How willing are you to explore and work to alter your stress levels and emotional states?

Question #15

How able are you to stick to a given supplement regimen and treatment timetable?

Question #16

At least initially, patients may require more frequent treatments (2-3 x per week). Would you be able to either stay locally for a few weeks or come to the center multiple times a week for multiple hours a day?

Financial Considerations


All treatments and services at NYCIM are out-of-pocket and we do not accept insurance.

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Question #17

The high level of personalization and vast amount of therapeutic options not covered by insurance means that cost of treatment at NYCIM is solely the patient's responsibility. Are you aware of this and are on board?

Question #18

While treatment costs will be provided to you upon your follow up visit to review your test results, your may require additional treatments down the line. For this reason we cannot provide a definitive total cost. Are you aware of this and are on board?

Question #19

While we do our best to make our treatments accessible, every procedure, treatment and supplement used at NYCIM is of the best possible quality to ensure the best healing results. Our highest commitment is to your well-being and we do not cut corners when it comes to restoring your health. We ask that all patients align with and support our efforts by understanding that we do not offer partial treatments or provide less expensive options in place of those we know to be superior and more effective. Patients that try to piece together their own treatment plans based on the information we provide may be undermining their success and putting themselves at risk. Are you on board with this approach?

What to Expect


We want to make sure you know what you are getting into with this highly specialized and advanced form of medicine.

3-5 minutes

4 questions

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All information is kept private.

Question #20

We know how important it is for our patients to feel better quickly and we do everything we can to help this along. But nature sets its own pace and healing is a natural process. Our ultimate aim is to restore the self-healing capabilities of each patient and see them through to regaining full health. How long this will take is not up to us. Other more conventional treatment approaches that address mainly pain management may yield quick relief from symptoms while the underlying dysfunction remains enabled. This is not our approach. If you've been ill for a long time as many patients have been, it’s important to understand that how you feel in the immediate sense is not necessarily the best indication of how well you are healing. Patients who only manage symptoms may feel relief in the short term but never truly heal. Patients who are re-awakening their self-healing capacities might actually feel worse at the onset, but are setting themselves up for success. Is this approach one that resonates with you?

Question #21

Sticking to any long-term personal treatment plan requires some degree of faith and trust in the absence of immediate results. How comfortable are you with this?

Question #22

By the time most patients find their way to truly novel treatment approaches, often they've already seen a myriad of doctors. Furthermore, conventional medicine is practiced in such a way that a multitude of specialists may be required and patients are used to seeing several doctors at a time. At NYCIM, we formulate our treatment plans to address all aspects of the person. We understand that it can be difficult to make yet another leap in paradigm and practitioner, and some patients may feel inclined to continue working with other doctors at the same time. From what we've experienced over the past 15+ years, the patients who make the leap fully and commit 100% to their treatment usually have the highest success. Those who try and walk in two (or more) worlds by following the programs of multiple practitioners at the same time deprive themselves of the full treatment effectiveness and efficiency. What do you think about this?

Last Question.

Healing from any complex condition is often compared to peeling back the layers of an onion. When one phase of treatment has been completed, the next phase can begin and go deeper. With each layer that is peeled back, one may feel an increase in energy and vitality, but one may also experience a temporary emergence of new or worsening symptoms. Both are results of a healing response, and it is important to understand that healing is a multi-phased process. For instance: after your initial evaluation and tests, your first phase of treatment begins which typically lasts 4~6 weeks at which time you are tested and evaluated again. Based on those results, a second phase of treatment is often provided. Depending on the severity and the condition and how long you've had it, a third phase is sometimes required. It is absolutely necessary to take these steps and embark on these processes in this precise way. Of course, we wish we could provide every patient with an absolute start-to-finish program from the onset, but the human body is a feedback mechanism, and tells us exactly what it needs along the way. Failure to listen to it would result in incomplete treatment and incomplete results. It's very important to understand this and commit to it fully. Do you have any reservations about committing to this process?

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