Gemmotherapy, also known as Phytoembryotherapy, is a modern homeopathic method of biotherapeutic drainage using the extracts of various trees and shrubs. The raw material of the buds, emerging shoots, seeds, rootlets, and saps are taken at the peak time of the plant’s annual germination (e.g. in the spring for buds or the autumn for seeds).

Plants are harvested in the spring, throughout the period of cellular division and plant growth. During this stage, they contain the highest concentration of active growth factor hormones, auxins, and gibberellins. These specific hormonal agents contain valuable informative matter required for the drainage of various organs and tissues at the cellular level. In order to extract the embryonic substance from the fresh buds, the complex remedies are macerated for increased patient compliance.

This methodology was developed in France in the 1950s and ’60s and represents the most complete set of highly concentrated active components essential for tissue regeneration, favorable growth development, and proper drainage.

Gemmotherapy is very popular in European countries such as France, Belgium, Italy, Germany and in some areas of Eastern Europe. It works great for skin conditions, seasonal allergies, chronic ENT’s, asthma, UTIs, migraines, digestive disturbances, sleep difficulties, menstrual irregularities, fertility issues, high blood pressure and many more.

Benefits of Gemmotherapy

Clinical experience has shown that Airnergy may be used for a number of conditions and issues and that the benefits include:

  • Detoxifies at a cellular level by chemically reacting to purify and cleanse cells
  • Supports drainage at an organ level by stimulating the removal from our bodies of toxins through organ fluids such as blood and lymph
  • Regenerates dying cells, oxygenates cells, balances electrolytes, and improves electrical potential
  • Stimulates growth with active gibberellins and auxins hormones
  • Stimulates emunctory functions of various organs and glands (organs or ducts that remove or carry waste from the body)
  • Nourishes/Delivers a full spectrum of antioxidants, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, etc.
  • Reduces the need for nutritional supplements
  • Rejuvenates organs, skin tissue, and cells by stimulating blood and lymph activities and delivering antioxidants in the system

Here’s How it Works

Gemmotherapy extends the drainage of toxins beyond the excretory organs and involves biotherapeutic detoxification of the skin, bones, heart, and nervous system. The use of fresh buds and young shoots is an essential part of gemmotherapy; in addition to containing vitamins, oligo-elements, and minerals, buds and young shoots are richer in nucleic acids and growth hormones (such as auxins and gibberellins) than other plant tissues.

The primary role of this herbal/naturopathic treatment is considered to be the detoxification of tissues that have accumulated waste material due to the malfunction of the body’s eliminative processes, under pressure from environmental pollution, poor diet, and the modern lifestyle. The embryonic tissues of the plants that contain phytohormones, auxins, and gibberellins, are passed into the gemmotherapy remedies and when consumed by humans, act on organs and organ systems to gently stimulate and promote elimination, protein synthesis, detoxification, nourishment, RNA repair, and select tissue regeneration.

Gemmotherapy remedies are often used in mixtures or combinations, or together with herbal medicines and oligotherapy. Gemmotherapy may be also used either symptomatically or systemically as an adjunct to homeopathy and therapeutic approaches, or as the sole treatment.

“When an emunctory of the organism, that is an excretory system such as the kidneys, the liver, etc., is inadequate or blocked, when a glandular or tissulary system is deficient, when a well individualized treatment conforming to the simillimum of the patient does not give the hopeful results, but on the contrary presents aggravations or the appearance of new troubles, it is necessary to stimulate the organs of elimination by means of medications whose organic tropism or physiological affinities are known…”


Science and Safety

In the 1950s, Dr. Pol Henry, a Belgian homeopathic doctor, conducted research on the therapeutic properties of plant buds. In 1970 he published his findings and attributed the effectiveness to their vital energy and the power of plant buds to re-build tissues. The French homeopathic doctor, Dr. Max Tetau further developed the clinical application of these plant bud remedies in a very significant way. Dr. Tetau wrote “Gemmotherapy: A Clinical Guide,” and was the president of the Medical Society of Biotherapy.

According to a recent study, Gemmotherapy was used with great results as an adjutant in treating spondyloarthropathies (SpA), a group of rheumatic diseases.” Administration of extracts of Ribes nigrum L., Abies pectinata Poir., Pinus montana Schur, Vaccinium vitis-idaea L., Ampelopsis veitchii Hort. was daily, during 6 months, in adapted dose and was accompanied by physical therapy. Reevaluation (3 and 6 months) denoted an amelioration of clinical signs and functional scores in all 13 cases and remission in 8 cases”.
sourceGemmotherapy – adjuvant treatment in juvenile spondyloarthropathy, Planta Medoca, 2011

Gemmotherapy is safe for infants, children, and adults. Also, specific protocols exist to help with conception and offer support throughout pregnancy. It can be used along with conventional medications and therapies to reduce the toxic side effects.

NYCIM + Gemmotherapy

At the New York Center of Innovative Medicine, gemmotherapy is one of many different treatments considered for each patient. However, the use of this therapy is only performed on patients after an in-depth initial evaluation reveals it would be necessary for your personalized program of treatment. Because each person is unique, and their health needs are different, there is no set protocol for using gemmotherapy nor is the patient able to request the use of this therapy if the medical team finds it would not be as helpful as another treatment or specific combination of therapies. The ultimate goal is the complete restoration of health in the most efficient and safe manner, and with so many therapeutic options, it is impossible to know if Gemmotherapy is right for you without an initial evaluation at our clinic.

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