It should be noted that Frazer Bailey did not receive treatment at NYCIM. His story is a bit different from most. Frazer was on holiday in the United States from Australia when he had a chance encounter with Dr. Szulc at a medical event he was speaking at. That’s when Frazer decided to ask Dr. Szulc for help.

You see, Frazer was a successful producer, director, and cinematographer with plenty going for him. He was the director of E-Motion, an acclaimed documentary that explores how human emotions affect the physiology of the human body. It featured experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Nassim Haramein. Unfortunately, he was also suffering from chronic fatigue and a number of related symptoms. The reason for it puzzled him and doctors, as he was a relatively healthy person. His search for the cause led him to some of the best medical specialists throughout the world, but the therapies and treatments they devised provided little relief.

Getting to the Root Cause

During his encounter with Dr. Szulc, he simply asked if the doctor would be willing to look at his case and analyze his current situation. Dr. Szulc obliged and evaluated Frazer with the advanced techniques that he was teaching other practitioners from around the world. What Dr. Szulc found stunned Frazer, but also gave him the answer to WHY he was sick and the ability to finally address his root cause. Ironically, Dr. Szulc was able to identify a dental infection as the main underlying dysfunction to Frazer’s chronic fatigue and other symptoms.

“After suffering from chronic fatigue for 6 years and trying everything from Amazonian frog therapy to purge the body to computerized bioresonance systems, I had a chance encounter with Dr. Szulc and Innovative Medicine. They were able to tell me the primary reason for my fatigue. I owe a massive deal of gratitude to Dr. Szulc.”

Frazer Bailey, Director of ‘E-Motion’ and ‘Root Cause’

Frazer went on to regain his health with this newfound information, and even direct a documentary about his journey, entitled “Root Cause”.

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