The following is an unpaid testimonial from a real patient of NYCIM.  As with any medical treatment, individual results may vary. This testimonial is not claimed to represent typical results. Heather’s story is meant to represent her opinions and experience and is not a guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each and every patient at NYCIM receives a completely personalized and comprehensive medical treatment plan that is aimed at rectifying all underlying dysfunctions and enabling the patient to self-heal. At the same time, this approach to treatment requires a high level or compliance and personal responsibility that does not suit everyone. Now that that’s out of the way…

Moving Past Cancer and Toxicity

I thought I had always been proactive in my health until 1999 when I received a cancer diagnosis.  It woke me up and showed me that health is not only physical but also a combination of our mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.  One day while searching for new health options and experiences I came upon “The New York Center for Innovative Medicine”. I knew I carried one virus and was curious whether they had helped anyone like me.  I launched into their website and read about all of the non-toxic therapies offered and was excited and encouraged. I called NYCIM to schedule a consultation. I became a patient in November 2018. I was very impressed with the clinic as it was a bright happy space, contemporary, clean, and professionally staffed. I was shocked to discover that my toxicity level was very high and the number of dysfunctional issues that were suppressing my immune system.  I once again, “woke up” to the fact that, ultimately, I am responsible for all of these things! I entered into treatment over a few months to, I am happy to report, a renewed state of health.  I think it is important to note two things:

  1. It was my intention to be well, therefore, I chose to make life changes in my diet in addition to the therapies that allowed the healing to occur.
  2. None of these issues that were creating a toxic load on my immune system would have been identified through labs in an annual exam.

“None of these issues that were creating a toxic load on my immune system would have been identified through labs in an annual exam.”

Kathleen St. John

I am extremely grateful to everyone at NYCIM who collectively worked to ensure the best experience for me of which I was expecting and received.

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