The Lecher antenna (also referred to as the Lecher instrument) is the main scientific mechanism used for the qualitative detection of energy field’s interactions and the tool used within Bioresonance Analysis of Health and also ACMOS energy balancing therapy. Developed by famed Austrian physicist Ernst Lecher, the apparatus is designed to accurately measure electromagnetic wavelengths and frequencies. Lecher lines are part of a field of physics associated with vibrations and waves, where parallel conductors form a transmission line, with a characteristic impedance. The Lecher instrument used for medical application is specially adapted to allow a physician to obtain information on a patient’s state of health often thought as inaccessible (such as specific stressors like electromagnetic, geopathic and emotional stresses).

No other instrument or testing method, whether biochemical, functional, EAV / electrodermal, computerized, biofeedback, or muscle testing can detect as much useful medical information as the Lecher antenna.

Benefits of Lecher Antenna

The Lecher Antenna is utilized in clinical practice for the following benefits:

  • Precision calibrated scale for the accurate measurement of high-frequency wavelengths
  • Ability to detect both Yin centripetal energy (resource information) and Yang centrifugal energy (management information)
  • Capable of detecting Very High Frequency (VHF, 30MHz to 300MHz) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF, 300MHz to 3GHz) electromagnetic waves
  • Allows for the qualitative assessment of any product or medication
  • Allows for compatibility analysis to assess benefits of a particular medication, supplement, food, or substance to a given patient
  • Used in ACMOS energy balancing therapy as well as the advanced evaluation method Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.)
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Here’s How it Works

Much like a scalpel, stethoscope, and numerous medical instruments, the Lecher antenna may seem to be a fairly simple device. However, in the same was the scalpel and stethoscope may be used for numerous medical applications in the hands of a skilled physician, so can the Lecher instrument. This is due to the ability of the antenna to accurately measure wavelengths generated by electromagnetic signals.

Just as a tuning fork, set to a particular tone, will audibly notify its listener whenever a similar harmonic wavelength is being transmitted by means of the well-known phenomenon, acoustic resonance, the Lecher Instrument will notify its user through vibrations in the presence of certain qualitative frequencies pertaining to organic matter, by a similar and equally well-established phenomenon known as bioresonance.

By setting the conductive shorting bar to certain previously calibrated notches, known as the wave V-max or Geissler nodes which have been specially indicated on the Lecher lines scale, the presence of highly specific oscillatory wave signals can be readily detected.

Why does this matter? This would be equivalent to having the ability to hone in on and pick out one precise note from one instrument playing among an entire symphony with hundreds of pieces and thousands of overtones – a remarkable scientific feat, and one that has powerful applications to the medical field.

Importance of Yin Centripetal Energy and Yang Centrifugal Energy

The reason the Lecher Antenna is the chosen form of analysis of energy is that it is the only instrument that can detect both types of patient information – resource (Yin centripetal energyand management (Yang centrifugal energy). No other form of testing can detect both fields (only management, not resource). A comprehensive and complete picture of a patient’s state of health cannot be accurately determined without the detection of both of these basic and primary forces.

The proper functioning of the organism is dependent on 2 forces – Yin centripetal energy (also referred to as resource information) and Yang centrifugal energy (or management information). The inward subtle energy of Yin centripetal is essential in understanding underlying imbalances and dysfunctions. It is a shorter wave and higher frequency. No other instrument or method, whether EAV, computerized, biofeedback, or muscle testing, can detect both fields of energy (only management, not resource).

“The Lecher Antenna is the most important tool I have come across in my 16 years of medical practice. The use of the Lecher within the context of Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.) is the most powerful method I have ever encountered for determining the underlying factors that contribute to a person’s health and for designing a treatment protocol tailored to the patient.”

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Science and Safety

The concept and realization of Lecher lines were developed by famed Austrian physicist Ernst Lecher (1856–1926) in 1888 for their ability to detect electromagnetic radiation. As head of the First Institute of Physics in Vienna, Austria (now known as the Max Planck Institute), Professor Lecher is known as the pioneer of high-frequency measurement and the mind behind lecher lines, a method for measuring the length and frequency of electric waves.

Quantum physics has long established that everything in our known universe is composed of energy, and this energy is expressed as wavelengths. The harmonic oscillations of every object create wavelengths that are specific to that piece of matter. Some of these wavelengths fall within the visible light spectrum, while others such as ultraviolet and x-rays are only detectable through specialized instrumentation. Regardless of their specific type, the transmission of energy by wave propagation is fundamental to almost every branch of physics.

University of London physicist David Bohm, a protege of Einstein and one of the world’s most respected quantum physicists, and Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, an architect of our modern understanding of the brain, both independently discovered holographic theories or models of the universe (as outlined in the book “The Holographic Universe“). Their research into holonomic theory opens the door for understanding how massive amounts of information can be stored. All internal (Intra / intercellular information) and external (environmental) information are received and kept in the form of holograms in DNA. Due to billions of coordinated DNA molecules these “mini–holograms” received are intensified repeatedly and joined to create a single super-hologram which becomes perceptible via the Lecher Antenna.

NYCIM + Lecher Antenna

At the New York Center of Innovative Medicine, the Lecher Antenna serves as a vital tool in specific evaluation systems and therapies. Similar to kinesiology (muscle testing), EAV computer systems, and other testing systems around the world, although many doctors have found the Lecher antenna to be more accurate and obtain more information pertaining to a patient’s underlying causes of disease. Together with other many other tests, systems and tools, identification of root causes as well as a personalized program of treatment can be created to best fit you. The ultimate goal is the complete restoration of health in the most efficient and safe manner, and with so many therapeutic options, the Lecher instrument along with other advanced tools and systems will be utilized at our clinic.

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