SCENAR therapy, which stands for Self-Controlled Energo Adaptive Regulation, is an innovative diagnosis and treatment technique developed by Soviet scientists for use on their astronauts while in space. The technique is a form of electrotherapy and has since been converted for use by medical doctors in Russia to aid patients with a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

The SCENAR device works through the skin (transdermal) and uses computer-modulated, electrical impulses to stimulate the brain (electro neuro-stimulator). Because of its unique, computer-controlled biofeedback capabilities and ability to stimulate Neuropeptide (small molecules used by neurons to communicate with each other) generation, the SCENAR achieves excellent healing results.

SCENAR is being used in a variety of medical professions for the treatment of acute/chronic pain and as an adjunct for postoperative pain. Some of the ailments include back and neck pain, sciatica, sports injuries, headaches and migraine, arthritis, dental pain, post-operative pain, and many other conditions. Many famous sports and media personalities including George Clooney, Russell Crowe, and Chelsea and Real Madrid Football Clubs have utilized SCENAR therapy.

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Benefits of SCENAR Therapy

Clinical experience has shown that SCENAR therapy may be used for a number of conditions and issues and that the benefits include:

  • Increased and decreased speed of manifestations of pathological processes
  • Reduction in pain and inflammation
  • Normalization of vascular and blood functions
  • Endocrine-immunity response of the organism
  • Normalization of the metabolic processes

Here’s How it Works

The SCENAR device and therapy stimulates the body at certain key locations by setting up a biofeedback loop with the body using electrical impulses of varying strengths and intensities. The impulses help restore the body’s natural energetic rhythm and release certain key biological activators such as neuropeptides, 5HT, and other mind-body stimulators. Using biofeedback, fixed resonance and repetitive central nervous system patterns are changed and the body’s homeostasis is restored.

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More simply, the SCENAR device sets up a two-way communication with the nervous system encouraging it to redirect its activity towards areas of weakness in the body. SCENAR therapy enables a maximal part of the nervous tissue to be activated, which is necessary for the achievement of an optimal response from the patient’s body. Furthermore, SCENAR is a system of monitoring and response. The body creates electromagnetic and acoustic fields, and in a pathological state, these fields are modified. It is these signals that are detected by SCENAR and are used to form the therapeutic impulses from SCENAR. The therapy, therefore, enables a unique interaction between itself and the patient’s body.

The electrical signals generated by the SCENAR device are similar in form to the body’s own endogenous neurological impulses. SCENAR therapy can be used regardless of the type of diagnosis and is, therefore, a non-specific approach. Clinical experience with this device has further indicated that the optimal therapeutic effect is achieved when there is a maximal variability of the impulse during treatment. The optimum therapeutic results are always dependent upon the patient’s body’s response and therefore individual to each patient.

The actual procedure involves the Scenar being placed on the skin – over the spine, abdomen or affected area – which produces a gentle tingling sensation. The strength of the sensation depends on several factors such as individual sensitivity, skin type, and acute or chronic nature of the condition. As the healing begins, the skin may redden or change color in relation to the surrounding area and/or the sound of the machine may change as it passes over the point of pain. Initial treatment may take up to one hour. Afterward, patients have been known to experience an increase in energy, better sleep and generally feeling more refreshed.

“The stimulation of skin nerves through the device triggers a release of endorphins – causing fast pain relief – and of neuropeptides – a trigger for healing.”


Science and Safety

According to an article issued by The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine, SCENAR therapy helps with pain relief and health recovery. A case study has shown great results after implementing Scenar application of 40 minutes in a patient struggling with lower back pain. After two treatments his pain disappeared completely, his hips leveled out, and a slight scoliotic posture straightened.
sourceSome Intriguing Case Studies in Pain Relief and Health Recovery with SCENAR Applications, 2012

Case study on recurrent back pain: “After the first SCENAR application of 40 minutes on his lower back his pain level was down to 2/10, his range of movement had slightly improved. Walking was not yet straight, but the pain was reduced to 4/10…Two days later he received his second treatment for the whole of the back as a general treatment and specific pain relief for the lumbar spine. His pain disappeared completely during the treatment, his hips leveled out, and a slight scoliotic posture straightened.”
sourceSome Intriguing Case Studies in Pain Relief and Health Recovery with SCENAR Applications, 2012

Case study on irritable bowel syndrome: “The first application of SCENAR to her abdomen and back immediately reduced her pain levels from 9/10 to 3/10. The initial applications were done 3 or 4 times per day…After three weeks of SCENAR applications, initially several times per day, then reducing to once every second day, she had bowel motions again. She is now back in school regularly.”
sourceSome Intriguing Case Studies in Pain Relief and Health Recovery with SCENAR Applications, 2012

The effectiveness of ENAR for the treatment of chronic neck pain in Australian adults: a preliminary single-blind, randomized controlled trial, BioMed Central 2007: ENAR (Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator) utilizes similar technology as the SCENAR device. In this study, ENAR therapy participants reported a significant reduction in the intensity of neck pain (VAS) and disability (NDI) as well as a significantly increased function (PSFS) and overall quality of life.


At the New York Center of Innovative Medicine, SCENAR therapy is one of many different treatments considered for each patient. However, the use of this therapy is only performed on patients after an in-depth initial evaluation reveals it would be necessary for your personalized program of treatment. Because each person is unique, and their health needs are different, there is no set protocol for using SCENAR therapy nor is the patient able to request the use of this therapy if the medical team finds it would not be as helpful as another treatment or specific combination of therapies. The ultimate goal is the complete restoration of health in the most efficient and safe manner, and with so many therapeutic options, it is impossible to know if SCENAR therapy is right for you without an initial evaluation at our clinic.

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