In medicine, practitioners are always looking for the true causes of health problems. When found, we aim to apply the most effective treatments with the fewest side-effects. But in order to properly do this, we must obtain the most truthful information as it pertains to the patient.

Modern medical science is based in 17th century Newtonian science, and the main initial goal is to establish a diagnosis.  Then, we treat the diagnosed condition according to the protocols based on so-called proven scientific clinical studies. In some way, we think of the patient as a machine, and are displeased when many do not respond. We utilize sophisticated and technologically advanced instruments to determine diagnosis, but we are also aware that these instruments cannot detect whether a parent’s criticism at an early age was a primary cause of pancreatic cancer 30 years later. In most of chronic conditions, not knowing the causes of dysfunction leaves us with limited options.

In alternative medicine we utilize different techniques, and being in this field for almost 30 years, I’ve tried most of them. In the ’80s and still working as a conventionally based physician in pain management, I learned kinesiology and Yoshaki Omura’s O-ring method. In the ’90s, I trained in many different evaluation methods: acupuncture according to Voll, darkfield microscopy, pulse diagnosis and Nogier’s method of auriculotherapy, tongue evaluation, and many more. Finally, in the late ’90s, after almost 100 seminars and private meetings in different European clinics, a new system was born, which I named Bioresonance Analysis of Health (or B.A.H. for short). This is a complete medical system, utilizing bioresonance and quantum physics to locate all body dysfunctions on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. B.A.H. is also an excellent system in determining an individual’s specific treatment program including the priority of administration of therapies, medicines, procedures, and more.

Although this system is a culmination of over 30 years of training, research, travel, and countless hours of clinical experience, it is now able to be applied to the medical field in a simple manner that yields extraordinary results.

The Dawn of a New Age

This is truly a unique and exciting time we are living in. The scientific discoveries and humankind’s dedication to the pursuit of higher truths in our quantum reality is awe-inspiring. But, as noted by renowned cell biologist Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, “What great and marvelous advances in biomedical science can we attribute to the quantum revolution? Let’s list them in order of their importance: It is a very short list – there haven’t been any.”

That is, until now...

A Medical Revolution

Through an innovative medicine approach, the mission has always been to bridge the long-standing gap between modern science and conventional / biological medicine. With the creation and highly successful clinical application of advanced scientific techniques, this lofty goal has proven to be obtainable.

“When will chemistry textbooks begin to serve as aids, rather than barriers to this enriched quantum-mechanical perspective on how molecular turnstiles work? What are the forces that control the twisting and folding of molecules into complex shapes? Don’t look for answers in your organic chemistry textbook…that branch of science is so far out of date its textbooks have yet to recognize quantum mechanics.”

F. Weinhold, Biophysicist

We are now one step closer to closing that gap on a universal scale. This era will be marked by the application of quantum physics to modern medicine. It will be classified by medical breakthroughs and extraordinary results.


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About Thomas Szulc, MD

Thomas K. Szulc, M.D. is the Medical Director at New York Center for Innovative Medicine. He is board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine, served as Chief of Pain Services at North Shore University Hospital in Plainview, N.Y. for more than a decade, and has been using biological medicine as part of an integrated medical practice since 1985. Previously a visiting professor at Yale University Medical School, Dr. Szulc maintains a role as a professor at the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry. He is the creator of the evaluation system Bioresonance Analysis of Health, and the author of The Art of Medicine.
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