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The New York Center for Innovative Medicine (NYCIM) is a world renowned medical facility known for its sophisticated and advanced healing therapies and innovative approaches. We focus on providing the full spectrum of therapeutic options, tailored to each patient for maximum effectiveness. 

Our center is comprised of over 20 years of research, 10+ years of trials, and the past 100 years of award winning scientific discoveries in such fields as quantum mechanics and molecular biology. 

The team at NYCIM  expects nothing but the absolute best for our patients when it comes to results, treatments and experience. 

Expect Different  

We focus on an extremely personalized approach that aims to restore health by eliminating the root cause of dysfunctions/disease and eventually restore the patient’s ability to self heal and regenerate. Every individual has the potential to restore their own physical, mental and emotional well being. 

By taking one drop of blood (that contains millions of cells containing dominant information) we can identify any pathogens, toxins, allergens, organ dysfunction, regeneration issues, discrepancies with the autonomic nervous system, psychic stressors and much more.

This is all done by using the lecher instrument. It is our analytical device that is able to detect specific vibrations or frequencies coming from the patient’s blood (cells) and matching that vibratory quality to the factors listed above. 

Because each individual that comes to us is entirely different, each patient’s programs will reflect that. No two evaluations or programs of treatment are alike, and for this reason, it has been repeatedly shown to achieve extraordinary results.

Expect to Take Responsibility 

Compliance, commitment and enthusiasm are key factors when becoming a patient at New York Center for Innovative Medicine. The NYCIM team is here to coach you through treatment, assist in the maximum amount healing and provide the most exceptional care throughout your journey. However, it is imperative to remember that behind every successful coach there must be a strong athlete. 

Therefore, each patient (athlete) must adhere to the coaches (NYCIM team), instructions and put in work and effort for optimal results. In no other realm does this hold more importance than your health.

In order for each individual to achieve optimal results,  it is crucial to follow health-related advice, to take medication/supplementation as prescribed, to attend scheduled appointments, and to complete recommended lifestyle and diet adjustments. 

Lack of compliance by our patients is the leading cause of nonresponse to supplements and therapies as compared to those who are active, enthusiastic  participants. 

“The price of greatness is responsibility” Winston Churchill 

Expect a Comprehensive Initial Evaluation Process

1. Preparation

Unlike many standard blood evaluation techniques, there is no fasting or preparation that is needed prior to each patients’ evaluation. If there is any testing or diagnostic evaluations that a patient deems relevant to his or her condition, they are more than welcome to bring that with them to the visit. 

 2. What the Visit Entails 

On the day of your initial evaluation, you will be meeting with one of our medical team members (see our entire medical team) who will conduct a physical exam, collect any pertinent medical information, answer relevant questions, administer a specialized heart rate variability test, and most importantly, take a drop of blood from the patient. 

The physical exam is a simple, head to toe evaluation that allows the medical practitioner to physically evaluate the patient using western, eastern and ayurvedic techniques to supplement any information found on the BAH evaluation. 

HeartQuest is an advanced, non-invasive, diagnostic system that monitors the heart rate (heart rate variability) and analyzes the human biorhythms and regulatory systems. Through this, we can discover issues with the autonomic nervous system, neuro-hormonal system, psycho-emotional state, brain electrical activity, meridians, and chakras. 

Lastly, a single drop of blood that is taken from the patient using a finger prick, will be evaluated using our diagnostic system called the Bioresonance Analysis of Health. This evaluation will be performed in-house and all results and a personalized program of treatment will be shared with the patient, normally in a matter of a few days. 

If additional diagnostic tests are required (such as lab tests or quantum biofeedback), the patient will be informed of this after the initial evaluation.

About B.A.H.

Bioresonance Analysis of Health is a diagnostic and evaluation system developed by Dr. Thomas K. Szulc that allows us to find any underlying problems and offer a comprehensive and tailored solution to each patients’ health. 

As mentioned above, only a single drop of blood is required from the patient in order to be evaluated using the lecher instrument. Then, following the BAH system/protocol, the root cause of the patient’s underlying cause of disease or of specific conditions they present with is found. 

The BAH system uses the vast scientific discoveries afforded through the growing research into quantum physics (holographic information, resonance phenomena, human consciousness, etc.), which correlates to results that are specific, personalized and detailed. 

Expect Time and Attention

Each evaluation takes approximately one hour. Approximately thirty minutes is spent conducting the physical exam, answering questions, and taking one drop of blood. The second allotted time of thirty minutes is spent conducting HeartQuest and explaining the results that were found. 

Expect Your Results Back Quickly

1. When a patient should return for results 

The individual’s results and treatment plan are usually ready within 2-3 days after their initial evaluation. If there are extenuating circumstances (someone from out of the country or a pressing medical issue), results can be done within a shorter duration of time. 

We prefer patients return to go over their results with one week after the initial evaluation was performed. It is imperative that we inform patients of their situation within an appropriate time frame. 

2. Presentation of Results and Findings

When your BAH evaluation is completed, you will return for a thirty to forty five minute follow up with one of our medical practitioners. This will visit will entail a discussion about diagnostic findings on both a physical, energetic and mental/emotional level, that are and have been responsible for any symptoms, disease patterns or disruptions in your system. 

After discussing these findings a program of treatment will be presented to the patient that their body resonates with to bring them to a normal pattern of health and healing. This may entail something as simple as oral supplementation and dietary/lifestyle changes or more invasive clinical procedures that are performed at the clinic. 

3. Personalized Program of Treatment

Every individual is a unique being and carries specific information that affects them differently than the person sitting next to them. So why wouldn’t you expect a truly unique treatment program? The programs that are developed and tailored to each individual at the center, acknowledge that the sources of your disease or health conditions are too diverse for any set protocol/regimen to achieve lasting success. 

Each patient’s program of treatment reveals what THEY need to truly heal and become “whole” again on all levels. This can range from simple mineral, nutritional, biological supplementation along with energetic and emotional treatments, to more invasive therapies like IV detoxes/chelation/antimicrobials, UVB, ozone, AIRnergy, IM injections, and neural therapy to name a few. 

With over 75 different in clinic treatments (that range from emotional, physical and energetic) , several dozens of oral supplemental protocols, dietary guidelines, and adjunctive therapies that can be done outside of the office, each person’s program will include exactly what is necessary to get them on the pathway to a new, healthy life.  


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About Caitlin Policastro, NP

Caitlin Policastro, BSN, MSN (ANP/GNP) attended the University of Pittsburgh for her undergraduate degree in nursing ten years ago. Shortly thereafter, while working in the ICU at Memorial Sloan Kettering Center, she enrolled at Hunter College for her Master's degree in Adult/Geriatric Health in Nursing. While achieving her Master's degree, she transferred to the Hospital for Special Surgery to work beside world renowned orthopedic surgeons in the post-operative unit for four years. Upon completion of her Master's program, she knew she had a strong calling for integrative medicine after witnessing so many of her patients experience chronic health issues with no reprieve from allopathic medicine. Caitlin has been with the New York Center for Innovative Medicine for five years and is trained in ACMOS, Neural therapy, oxidative therapies, BAH evaluation, physical therapies and more. Over the past several years, she has worked and trained with renowned biological dentists, ND's, osteopaths and MD's and continues to expand her knowledge to integrate the most effective and therapeutic techniques for the center.
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