Matrix regeneration therapy (MRT) employs a modern and sophisticated medical instrument that resembles the Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy of cupping while combining the benefits of well-known therapies such as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, neural therapy, physiotherapy, and many others. The non-invasive procedure is safe and regularly used in advanced clinics in Europe to improve lymphatic drainage (elimination of toxins), regeneration of cells, and general wellbeing.

MRT aims to detoxify the body and can be applied to many of today’s common chronic diseases. With over 7 million environmental chemical toxins such as heavy metals, herbicides, and pesticides consistently around us, it is easy to see how the body becomes overwhelmed and uses its storage deposits (fatty or connective tissue) to temporarily hold toxins. The problem arises as these temporary holding areas become permanent. These substances stored in the body can cause a variety of disorders that range from a slight burden to total blockages and severe chronic disease.

Matrix regeneration therapy is an innovative and modern option for those that suffer from toxic “depot-clogging” ailments like rheumatism, gout, skin disorders, etc. The therapy is a combination treatment that aims to “unclog” these deposits effectively and safely. Indications include all forms of allergies, all chronic diseases, tumors, chronic intoxication/heavy metals, viral contamination, immune deficiency, chronic skin problems, and depression.

Benefits of Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT)

Clinical experience has shown that matrix regeneration therapy may be used for a number of conditions and issues and that the benefits include:

  • Removal of pathological frequency patterns
  • Helps to loosen the deposits of toxins in the tissue and direct them into the lymphatic system for expulsion
  • Pole reversal of the tissue milieu – stimulates dissipation of toxins by electrical re-polarisation
  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased blood flow in the periphery
  • Improves muscle recovery time and relieves muscle tension
  • Strengthening of connective tissue

Here’s How it Works

Matrix regeneration therapy is a technologically advanced take on combining well known therapeutic methods. MRT consists of 3 components, acting synergistically, in one working cycle. These include:

  1. Petechial Vacuum Extraction Massage: A modern form of cupping, which is a well-known traditional Chinese therapy dating back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. One of the oldest medical textbooks in the world, the Ebers Papyrus, describes how the ancient Egyptians were using cupping therapy in 1,550 B.C. In MRT, a partial vacuum is generated against the skin on the back through the use of a medical device that is then rolled along the skin to draw toxins to the source and divert them to lymphatic capillaries. Athletes like Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps utilize cupping and petechial suction massage, and studies have shown that therapy may help reduce pain.
  2. Direct Current Treatment of the Tissue: While the suction of toxins is occurring, using a roller electrode, a weak voltage current is conducted into the tissue, whereby excessive currents within the affected tissues are removed. Toxins are not only affecting us negatively through physical manner but also through their energetic quality. This is why highly toxic patients show neuronal disorders and hormonal imbalances and in turn allergies. The reversed polarity of the tissue becomes alkaline again, which is a precondition for normal metabolic functioning.
  3. Bioresonance Therapy: Extinguishes the toxins’ pathological frequencies and underlying disturbance fields and relieves the immune and oscillatory system. Pathological frequencies, or signals, released by toxins in the tissue can cause interference with the central nervous system (neural oscillation). The bioresonance component of MRT acts as biofeedback to the body and is of great benefit to the neutralization of these toxic pathological frequencies, and dubbed as a “subtraction delete therapy” by Dr. Bodo Kohler (an expert in MRT). The brain is equally involved through bioresonance therapy in MRT and is influenced as a central control element in the regeneration process.

During treatment, a patient lies relaxed on their stomach. Four electrodes are gently clipped onto the hands and feet, and an additional flat electrode is placed under the stomach. Utilizing an instrument that consists of a suction probe and two rollers that glide over the skin, the entire back will be slowly worked on from left to right, and then over the spinal column. In all, the treatment takes approximately 20 minutes, and most patients find it to be relaxing. The suction may cause some minor pain for those with sensitivities, but strength can be adjusted. You may experience some redness on the back from the section. This is completely normal and will dissipate soon after treatment. Most find the treatment relaxing and rejuvenating, although the initial suction feeling may be accompanied by some pain.

The therapy is usually performed on the back but can be used on the abdomen, joints, thighs, etc. The treatments are usually spaced 1 per week over 6 weeks. The process strengthens the connective tissue, strengthens and firms the treated tissue, and indirectly subsides venous problems accompanied by congestive symptoms (varicose veins). The treatment also eliminates stress-induced pain.

“Patients with any degenerative or inflammatory lung conditions benefit immensely from this therapy. This machine facilitates the suctioning of toxins from the core/lung area, stimulation of the lymphatic system to push the toxins out, while balancing the polarity of the patient.”


Science and Safety

While clinical studies of Matrix Regeneration Therapy are limited, there has been much research into cupping, an ancient form of treatment which is incorporated in MRT.

  • According to a 2014 pilot study, it was determined that cupping has a potential therapeutic effect in the nonspecific neck and upper shoulder pain based upon a significant decrease in pain scores in 61 participants.
    sourceThe effect of traditional wet cupping on shoulder pain and neck pain, Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 2016
  • Cupping helps increase local blood circulation and relieve sore muscle tension. It also improves microcirculation, consequently leading to capillary endothelial cell repair, accelerating granulation, and angiogenesis in the regional tissues. This helps the patient to recover quicker and relax the painful muscle tension.
    source‘Cupping therapy: A prudent remedy for a plethora of medical ailments’, (2015) Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine
  • No harmful effects have been observed in matrix regeneration therapy in many years of clinical use. The results are long-lasting with an absence of harmful side effects.

NYCIM + Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT)

At the New York Center of Innovative Medicine, Matrix Regeneration Therapy is one of many different treatments considered for each patient. However, the use of this therapy is only performed on patients after an in-depth initial evaluation reveals it would be necessary for your personalized program of treatment. Because each person is unique, and their health needs are different, there is no set protocol for using MRT nor is the patient able to request the use of this therapy if the medical team finds it would not be as helpful as another treatment or specific combination of therapies. The ultimate goal is the complete restoration of health in the most efficient and safe manner, and with so many therapeutic options, it is impossible to know if Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT) is right for you without an initial evaluation at our clinic.

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