The following is a unpaid testimonial from a real patient of NYCIM.  As with any medical treatment, individual results may vary.This testimonial is not claimed to represent typical results. Heather’s story is meant to represent her opinions and experience and is not a guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each and every patient at NYCIM receives a completely personalized and comprehensive medical treatment plan that is aimed at rectifying all underlying dysfunctions and enabling the patient to self-heal. At the same time, this approach to treatment requires a high level or compliance and personal responsibility that does not suit everyone. Now that that’s out of the way…

Here’s Carrick’s Story

I came to Doctor Szulc after I had a psychotic episode from a Rheumatoid Arthritis “miracle drug.” Methotrexate was shutting down my kidneys. I was forty years old and had been told, “Take the drugs or you will be crippled.” The drugs were crippling me. 

Doctor Szulc tested me and found that my immune system had shut down because I had too many problems for it to address. Heavy metals from dental work, parasites from food, I had been given too many antibiotics as a child; these things along with self-imposed stress and a genetic weakness were too much for my immune system to handle. It had taken me a long time to get this sick, so returning to health was a process. Dr. Szulc slowly and steadily detoxed me, nourished me, and taught me, and sure enough, my crippled hands straightened out. I had energy again. 

Over the years, I have maintained Dr. Szulc’s diet and practices for wellness. In the winter, I usually go back for a tune-up to keep me on track. My health only continues to improve.

Dr. Tom Szulc, Dr. Jolanta Szulc, and their staff have helped me find wellness and balance. I am so thankful to have this knowledge that I can share with my children and keep them healthy, too. I am so thankful. 

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Under the direction of distinguished physician Thomas K. Szulc, MD, the New York Center for Innovative Medicine (NYCIM) is a world-renowned healing center that considers a patient as a unique individual with incredible healing abilities. We employ over 75 therapies that range from advanced healing technologies to spiritual techniques, each patient is provided a personalized program to restore health on all levels - body, mind, and spirit.
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